Making it easier is possible.

Who said that the legal sector couldn’t be revamped?

We focus on what you need and give you legal advice specialized for startups and entrepreneurs.

Welcome to Legal Innovation Spain and Latam

Legal services for the companies of the future

At Heptagon Law, we are your agile and dynamic Alternative Legal Service Provider (ALSP).

We combine innovative methodologies like Design Thinking and Lean Startup with legal services to make the day-to-day running of your company at lot easier.

We use innovation to simplify the legal sector and make it more understandable, helping your corporate to growth.

Lean Startup

We seek to eliminate inefficient practices and focus on increasing the output value during the development phase.


We focus on developing projects that need speed and agility in order to adapt to the client’s needs.

Legal Design

We apply Design Thinking to the world of law to give it a fresh perspective. We are looking to give the world of law a new lease of life and make the user experience more friendly and understandable.

Visual Design

We’ve translated our thoughts and ideas into images and pictures that capture the essence of the message we want to put across. It helps us to organise and communicate our thoughts effectively.

Lean UX

It’s an innovative way to improve the user experience and guarantees your digital products’ success (we build – we measure – we learn).

Design Thinking

Design Thinking comes from the world of design. We generate innovative ideas that focus on understanding and meeting the needs of the end user.


“Improve people’s lives through innovation in the legal sector to make it easier and more understandable”

“Improve people’s lives through innovation in the legal sector to make it easier and more understandable”

We’re a Human-Centered organization

We create value for you. We’ve minimized our structure and got rid of the bureaucracy and paperwork to free up all of the stakeholders to focus on tasks that really bring added value.

Startup, entrepreneur:
we speak your language

Who said that the legal sector couldn’t be revamped?

At Heptagon Law, we are proof that it can be.

If you have a startup, a technology company or if you’re an entrepreneur and are looking for lawyers for startups or digital companies who speak your language, your search is over.

We work with people with an innovative mentality who are looking for an innovative and agile legal service that specialises in new technologies.

Our multidisciplinary team will provide legal protection for your company, letting you concentrate on what you do best: making it grow.

We simplify all the legal aspects of your company and avoid over-complicated processes. We  have also chosen to break away from technical and legal terminology to give you easy and well-thought out solutions that are adapted to your needs.